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  • Are these pearl jewelry items real?

    Yes, our pearl jewelry items are made of genuine freshwater pearls. We guarantee to provide high-quality freshwater pearls, each of which has been carefully selected, certified, and inspected.

  • Will there be variations in the color and size of the pearls?

    Yes, pearls are natural products and may have slight variations in color and size. We will do our best to provide accurate information in the product descriptions, but please understand the natural characteristics of pearls.

  • What is 14K Gold Filled?

    14K Gold Filled, also known as gold-filled or gold-overlay, is a high-quality metal manufacturing process. It involves pressing a layer of 14K gold onto a base metal (usually brass). Unlike gold-plated jewelry, 14K Gold Filled has a thicker gold layer, typically about 1/20 of the total weight. This makes gold-filled jewelry more durable and resistant to wear, with less risk of the gold layer wearing off or fading.

  • How should I care for my pearl jewelry?

    Pearls are relatively delicate and require special care. Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfume, cosmetics, or cleaning agents. Gently wipe them with a soft cloth and store your pearl jewelry in a dry place.

  • How do I choose the right size and length for my pearl jewelry?

    In the product descriptions, we provide information about the size and length of the pearl jewelry items. You can refer to this information and choose the pearl jewelry that suits your personal preferences and needs.