8-10mm Single Small Bulb Natural Freshwater Pearl Pendant Necklace 14K Gold Filled


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Classic bulb pearl pendant necklace perfect for fairy-like charm

Pearl Necklace

This exquisite pearl necklace is a perfect match for the enchanting style of young fairies. With its simple yet classic design, it effortlessly complements any outfit. The pearls are nearly round, boasting a remarkable luster with smooth surfaces and minimal imperfections. Achieving such a high level of shine in freshwater pearls is truly rare.

Metal Component

We have chosen a 14K gold-plated chain made in the USA, polished to a dazzling shine. The light gold color is subtle and sophisticated, far from the gaudy yellow tones. It is incredibly convenient, allowing you to wear the necklace during showers without worry. Similar to sterling silver, the metal may darken or tarnish due to oxidation. However, timely cleaning with silver polish or dishwashing liquid can restore its luster. It is essential to clean it promptly rather than waiting for it to turn black and claiming it has lost its color. The oxidation is caused by the accumulation of sweat and dirt, so a quick clean will bring back its shine. If left uncleaned for an extended period, it may become more challenging to restore its original brilliance.

Wearing Instructions

As the final piece to put on before heading out and the first to remove upon returning home, this accessory should be cherished. Avoid wearing it during situations that cause excessive sweating and strive to keep it dry. When not in use, we recommend storing it in a sealed bag. This will ensure that the jewelry remains radiant and accompanies you for a longer time, maintaining its freshness.

Affordable Price

Compared to the quality of materials used, this pearl necklace offers excellent value for money. We have carefully selected natural freshwater pearls with an exceptional shine, some even resembling the brightness of small light bulbs. These pearls exhibit a delicate and radiant appearance, reminiscent of the smoothness and warmth of jade.


Material: High-shine near-round natural freshwater pearls, approximately 8-10mm in diameter, with a 14K gold filled(American standard) metal component.
Size: Necklace length available in 40cm or 40+5cm.
Color: White pearls with a 14K light gold metal component.









Additional information

Pearl Size

8mm, 9-10mm

Necklace Length

40cm, 40+5cm


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