14K Gold Filled Classic Y-Shaped Single Natural Freshwater Pearl Necklace


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Classic Y-shaped design
The collarbone chain adopts the classic Y-shaped necklace design, adding a touch of fashion and elegance. This design creates a charming curve around the neck, enhancing your overall appearance with a unique charm.

Adjustable length
This pearl necklace features an adjustable length design, allowing you to freely adjust the chain size according to your needs. Whether you prefer a close-fitting necklace or a longer chain, you can easily achieve the desired length to meet your different preferences.

Single pearl
The collarbone chain is adorned with a single pearl, approximately 7-8 millimeters in size, with an elegant luster and captivating roundness. Each pearl is carefully selected to ensure excellent quality and adds a natural and beautiful highlight to the entire collarbone chain.

14k gold-filled chain
The chain is made of 14k gold-filled material sourced from the United States, emitting a brilliant golden glow. This material is not only wear-resistant and waterproof but also maintains long-lasting brightness without fading, making the collarbone chain more durable and eye-catching.

Versatile and stylish
This collarbone chain is a versatile and stylish accessory that can be paired with various loose-fitting outfits. The simple yet exquisite design seamlessly blends with the luster of the pearl, adding an elegant and fashionable touch to your overall style. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, it will bring you endless confidence and charm, becoming an essential fashion item.






About “14K Gold Filled”:

1.The material used in our store is 14K Gold Filled, labeled as ‘1/20 14KGF’ in the United States. It contains 5% pure gold and has a light golden color. Through high temperature and pressure, pure gold is permanently bonded to the base layer, utilizing the strength and stability of pure gold to achieve excellent color retention and allergy prevention effects.

2.Similar to pure silver and pure gold, it may undergo oxidation, which is a normal chemical reaction and does not cause fading. The main causes of oxidation are sweat and chemicals. You can wear it while bathing or washing hands to rinse away sweat and prevent corrosion.

3.If you notice signs of oxidation, it should be dealt with promptly and not ignored. We recommend using a silver polishing cloth, toothpaste, or dishwashing detergent. Alternatively, gold cleaning solution can restore its original luster.

4.If not worn for an extended period, please clean with dishwashing detergent and water, then store it in a sealed bag.

5.Avoid wearing it in hot springs or seawater. Additionally, avoid contact with corrosive liquids such as toner or makeup remover.

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Dimensions 45 cm
Gold Type

14K Gold Filled

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